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The Purpose of Hellenic AAIASB is to reach and maintain the highest possible Flight Safety level in Greece through Aircraft Accident Investigation.

The investigations that AAIASB conducts  comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 13 and the E.U. Regulation 996/2010. Their only target is to find the factors that contributed to an accident or serious incident and the issue of Safety Recomendations which after their implementation will prevent similar accidents to happen in the future (not for blaming or acusing).

The AAIASB Vision is:

  • To minimize the accident rate in air-transport and the protection of human life and fortune.
  • To ensure general trust in airtransport, by the certainty that even if an accident happens, an independant and uninfluenced agency will investigate for the causes and will advice corrective actions to prevent such an accident will not be repeated


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